Kamis, 25 Oktober 2012

Septiembre y Octubre.

Busy high school! My SHS activity really full and I always tired when I at home. Lots of homework and project made me stress.So, forgive me if I rarely posting.


Excited about student exchange! Yes! I'll going to Malaysia next week. With 12 other students. Six from my class include me. With Alifah, Tifa, Nana, Abi, and Ulil. So bad I can't join PEMILOS in SMADA. :|

After from Malaysia, we will going to Singapore! Yes! Singapore again! And guess what.. I'll going to USS again! Yeaaaaaay! With new friend I'll do FUN stuff there. So happy. :]


I want Avril new album! Want to ride motorcycle to school. I want to watch movie. Buy new movie. Get new movie. Want to get new shoes. :| Want iPhone5. Want PSP. PS3. iPod touch 64gb. XperiaRay.


 See yaa next post! :)

Minggu, 07 Oktober 2012

My first post about Senior High School!

My SHS friends are crazy! They're amazing too! Love these guys! :D

My some friends and I play with #webcamtoy. Check it out the pict! :)

And others. :D

Tomorrow we will wear kebaya! So, wait for the next photos!