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I recently discovered the talent of fashion designer Tex Saverio from Indonesia and his most recent “La Glacon” Spring 2011 collection presented in Jakarta fashion week. If you love high fashion and Alexander McQueen, get ready for this designer, who is being touted as the Indonesian Alexander McQueen. He is only 26 and already has a prestigious Mercedes-Benz Asia Fashion Award to his name.  He dropped out of school to jump start his career in fashion with passion and persevere and I admire him a lot because...  who else is going to turn your dreams into a tangible reality?
Fashion Heroines

Name                :   Tex Saverio
Date of birth    :   August, 28th 1984
Place of Birth   :   Jakarta, Indonesia

Educational Background :
- 2003 – 2004  Bunka School of Fashion
- 2004 – 2005  Phalie Studio

Label : S A V E R I O


Nama Tex Saverio terbilang baru bagi komunitas mode Tanah Air. Namun, bicara talenta, Saverio punya potensi besar. Barubaru ini, koleksinya dipakai Lady Gaga dalam fashion spread Harper’s Bazaar Amerika edisi Mei.
- Tex Savario ke Pelukan Lady Gaga, Saturday 16 April

Surprise! Surprise! Lady Gaga wearing Tex Saverio design!

coming soon.

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