Jumat, 16 Desember 2011


THANK YOU SO MUCH. One year I'm here and I'm already got..

I know it's not as much as other bloggers. But, it still be my proud right now. Haha, I know I'm not a famous blogger like Sonia Eryka and Raditya Dika. And I love to be here in blogworld and share everything interestic. I hope I can be a famous blogger like Irvina Lioni too who like share her daily life (with her own style) into blog. It's really cool.

Oh one more again..

It's coooool. I'm not plan this is for 100th page and this is when I see my pageviews all time history is +10000. Hope you still follow and read my blog. For next time, I will give you more information and share my daily life.

And please pray and support me for National Exam (Ujian Nasional). Hope I can give the best for my parents and can be Padmanaba's students. Amin. :)

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