Rabu, 22 Februari 2012

My 22 February

It's normal if someone forget about her/him birthday? Like I did? :D Yeah yeah yeah, I just think if my birthday is tomorrow! So bad I'am!

Today is day three of test. So, I didn't think much of my birthday. Well, I think my family forget about my birthday too. No one said happy birthday to me. -__- So, in the morning, I still forget my birthday.

In school, Steven (@FxSTVN) called me and said: "Van, Fea just looking for you!" Me: "Oh, oke." My Classmate (@9inter1): "HAPPY BIRTHDAY VANIA!" Me: "What?! What the date now?!" And I look my watch. OH, TODAY it's my birthday. So, I remember if today my birthday. :)) And before the test begin, Fea come to my class and said Happy Birthday to me! How is SWEET! Thankss Fea (@feavt)! :)

I get a text from my oldest-best-est-friend:
Adlina (@enadlinaa): "happy birthday my bff! Sukses tpmnya! :D" 07:12

I get a text from my old-best-est-bimbel-ssc-friend:
Dinda (@dindaaark): "Happy Birthday, jeng! <3 :D I'm sorry I can't be the first one who congrulate you. :! kadomu udah tak siapin lho. :))" 21:09

Still at home, no one give me a-happy-birthday. And suddenly my bro, Brian (@bamarzuq), say Happy Birthday to me. He said if he lazy to say a-happy-birthday. what the.. -__- And finally my mom remember my birthday too. -__- But, my dad still forget about my birthday 'till NOW. -__-

Thank my friends for your pray from twitter! Hope you get the same from God! :)

Happy Birthday too for my cousin Mbak Intan Kumaladewi and my Aunt Dini!

It's cofusing and "forgetting" day. But, I now I'm getting old and I hope I can be better than before, useful for everyone, and become a sholihah. :)

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