Jumat, 27 April 2012


Helo dear,

I MISS MISS YOU SO BAD! I miss write something here, manyy things I wanna share. Well, I've been carrying out a NATIONAL EXAMINATION (Ujian Nasional). So, I will share you my adventure on this month.

But first, I want to tell a very much thank you for your support, pray, and anything. Thanks for keep reading my blog when I was gone. My blog is nothing without you all. So, thanks for everything. :)

- ` - ` - ` -

After the National Exam, I hope my score was great. Not just the goal, but, I want to have a high score. I want to make my parents proud. I want to give what they want. And it is school in a favourite school. My Dad always give a hope for me to continue my study in Padmanaba Senior High School.

So, I still fight to pray and wish I should be a student in one of favourite school. I don't want to make my parents dissapointed. :)

- ` - ` - ` -

I think I must to continue my unfinished last post. Sorry for that. But, I will keep writing a new  experience, music, and many more.

So, keep reading guys! :)

Vania A. W.

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