Minggu, 28 November 2010

Before Swimming at Gramedia :)

27 November 2010


After school, we had plenty time before swim. We went to Gramedia in Ayu car. After that, me take our photos :) With sony erricson Ayu's mobilephone.

First cute girls: Mg Cinthya Perwita Sari

Mg Cinthya Perwita Sari :)

Second cute girls: Stella Novita Purnamaning Tyas

Stella Novita Purnamaning Tyas :)

Third mysterious girls: Sekarayu Maharani

Sekarayu Maharani :)

Fourth annoying girls: Selma Mutiara Hani

Selma Mutiara Hani :)
Haha.. Just share. This photo editing first for effect. Sorry my picture is not here :) :) :)

Oh.. I actually forgot this one:

Bonus Picture :)
Innocence :) :)
ehemm Ayu with other boy from SMP 5 too :D

 The End

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