Sabtu, 07 Mei 2011

happy happy

..May 1 ago, we went to the museum and the sugar factory Gondang WinangunGondang District, Klaten Regency. We will outbound in there..

..Here we just got a little game. Yeah, we're cheating on pyramid-glass-game. We're so unbeatable! Not us if not like this.. :D

..Then we go to the play ground. We're all divided into two groups, girls and boysWe ride flying fox. Oh My God, I'm so scared! My legs are still shaking after that. Nothing my photos when I ride. Miss Raras didn't have time to caught my photos. But, Dhila have the video..

..After that, we go to the 'jembatan goyang' (rocking bridge?) . This is the photo when us finished the bridge..

..Fish teraphy. Mahda and me don't want to do it.. :/

..We ride Lori cart (kereta lori) too. But, in the middle of the route the train stopped because of its wheels broke and out of rail. We, soooo lucky the train didn't tumble. And, we must continue by walking to the museum. But, the boy don't have chance to ride the Lori cart..

..All of SBI student! In front of the museum..

..After all we go to home..

..We got experience day!..

..bye bye..

Last week May 01, 2011. SBI student in my school attended a out bond. The out bond located in Museum and Sugar Factory, Gondowinangun, Klaten, Center Java. We wnet to the location by bus. Not all of my classmate participated in the out bond, only 16 of 26 students. In there, We did some games like flying fox and we took a train. It so great because in the bus only Student in 8 SBI 1!! I won't forget it :)) 

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