Senin, 16 Mei 2011

Samantha-Marie Faure

If you ask me who's the girl in the picture, I'll answer she is Samantha. If you ask me who is Samantha, I'll answer she is my new sister. My new sister from Aussie. :)

Samantha is my new friend from Aussie. She will go here on July. She will study here. I'll be her housefam in one week.

Samantha is beautiful girl, nice and friendly. She can't wait to meet me 2 month later, and me too. :) Sam and I different only 5 days of birth. She was born on 17 February and me 22 February. She older than me. :)

Really, I like her. I really really want have sister like her. I can telling my secret, play with her, chat with her, and so on. I think she is unbeatable girl. And REALLY (again) I can't wait for meet her.


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