Sabtu, 25 Juni 2011


what's going on people?!

now, i don't wanna share something except what inside my heart and my brain.

why people sooooooo arrogant with what they have, what they said, what they do, and blablabla. keep calm vania. isn't you. is they are. shut the hell up. #ups.

one person said "now i'm using bb! yeye! blablabla.." and another said if her have new bb. and the first person said that girl just to boast if her have new bb. maybe is just because the first person got j-e-a-l-o-u-s? yes, yes her is.

i don't know why they proud just because they using bb. look at me people, in future i'll using iPhone. HAHAHA. maybe android.. aww i wanna have android too. ;))

it's enough.


hei people, now i'm braces girl. :| my teeth very sick when i eat.

i miss Dinda so much! i miss my SSC friends. on 1 july i'm ON VACATION IN BALI with my school friends. so i not yet to miss them.

i can't wait for VACATION IN BALI! hip hip hore! oh God, i wanna cryy..~ *lebay i'll in one room with Salma, Icak, and Mahda. and the other is Cinthya, Anita, Reni, Nindy <-- they'll in one room. and last is Dhila and Putri, the booth in one room with another class.

oh well today i receive rapor. and my rapor increase. and i'm not excited. my parents too. :|

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