Senin, 20 Juni 2011


now, you actually like them.

who is 'you'? who is 'them'? i don't want to hurt anyone.

really why she is do this to me? she such as throw me from happy life. maybe this too rude? no. this is reality. i don't know what happen or something wrong happen or something i do is wrong to her. she don't like me (it just my opinion). i hope she's not.

i just wanna to say.. i want to be your friend. no more. because you funny and nice girl. i do something to make you happy. but.. sometime you rude to me. i think. it's make me hurt. i want to be honest with you. i don't know what i need (or what i must do) to be your friend. just friend.

i'm not perfect, for sure. and you a good friend in my eyes. :) i really hope sometime you can understand myself. my heart so weak. i never can admit something easilly. i thinking with the heart. so bad i negative thinking person. it's one of my weakness. i don't want negative thinking to you. but is always haunted me.

if you don't want me be your friend. it's okay. :) i always think you're my good friend.

i hope we'll meet again in different time (and maybe place).


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