Minggu, 31 Juli 2011

What a great month!

Dear my greatest friends!

Very busy here! I can't talk to you to much in this month. Why? Because THIS MONTH VERY UNBEATABBLE! First, I've trip to Bali. Two, one week no (not yet) lessons in school. Three, I've Samantha in my house for 10 days! Four, I've got stressed in this week because I can't follow the subject in class. Five, I've got long weekend heree! I know that forth reason not a good think.

Oh God. Long time I not write my diary! Thats sooo bad! I miss my diary but I soo l a z y to pick my diary from my room. Ha ha ha ha ha.

I can't say too much now. I have story but not already to post here. I have four days for holiday. I'll try to destroy my laziness and start writing my diary and posting my blog.

Oh, and don't forget to follow my twitter acc for my real activity, be my fans in my plurk for other real activity, visit my deviantart for my gallery picture art! I've second acc twitter, you can follow and enjoy the tweets at @SimpleLikeQuote. For other contact, you can sent an e-mail to me, sent to vaniataklupa_lagi@yahoo.com or vavaniaaww@gmail.com. Enjoy to be my friends! Keep smile! :)  xoxo

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