Senin, 01 Agustus 2011

Trip To BALI!

Very late post!

July 1 ago, me and all of my school friends went to BALI! Its very excited! Coz that's my second time went to Bali.

This is the journey. From Jogja we must to go to East Java to across the sea with Ferry ship. In the journey we are very very bored, and the boys very like sing a dangdut song. Me and my friends always make a joke in the journey. And that day we sleep inside the bus.

We arrive at the port in the next morning. We on board. It's my first time I across the sea. And after that, we arrived in Bali, and we get rest time to having breakfast, take a bath, and relaxing.

After that, we went to Tanah Lot beach. We not allowed to swim there. So, we just take a some picture. And we go to two holy cave. First cave is Holy Snake Cave, we can touch a holy snake there. And the second is Holy Cave, there just has a holy water and we can be holy (or whatever you call it).

Then, we went to Joger. Joger is clothing store special from Bali. For price, very expensive in there. Yeah, same as Dagadu in Jogja. I just buy giraffe pen, flower clip, and pin. Cute pin, and the cheap stuff in there. 5000 rupiahs fo eight pin. We don't take some picture there, coz, we busy with shopping.

In first plan, we will went to Bedugul Lake. But, it's too late if we want go there. So, we change the schedule. And we went to motels.

Next day, we watch Barong Dance. Barong Dance is like Ramayana Ballet Dance in Jogja. But, Barong Dance special from Bali.

Next, we go to Tanjung Benoa beach. There nothing wave in the water. There a lot of game, like a parasailling, banaboat, speedboat, and so on. We just ride speedboat and go to place for deterrence turtle (penangkaran penyu?). Because the other game very expensive.

Then.. We went to Garuda Wisma Kencana. This is my first time at GWK. I'm so excited. But, we do nothing there. Just take a photo with a great statue. First with God Wisnu (Dewa Wisnu), and Garuda (special bird from Indonesia) big statue. Look at the picture when we together in one photo. I want to show that Salma's smile very cute riiiight? ;)

Then, we go to HAWAii clothing store just for change to minibus. Aaaand we went to Kuta beach! YEAH! Big bus (kayak Bus Pariwisata, aku ga tau deh bahasa Inggrisnya apaan) isn't allowed to Kuta beach. Coz the small road like that. So, one minibus we has 23 (with the driver in) person! Whoaaa! But, we've got the sunset there! Very pretty! We don't have a chance to take a picture. But, my picture already taken with Adit! Hore!

After sunset, we back to HAWAii clothing store. In the first plan, we will go to Sukowati tradhisional market. But, the teachers said we just a child and we not yet can bargaining. So, we go to HAWAii and we don't need bargaining. The stuff very cheap there. I buy butterfly cloth, button bracelet, BALI keychance, Benny & Mice Lost In Bali T-shirt, blue flower keychance for Ayu, and so on I forget it.

And... We back to motels.

Days 4, we went to Sangeh forest. A place for "We Old Family" or we usually call it "Monkey". :D I not go in to forest, coz, something you don't need to know. Me, Mahda, and Anita just stay in bus. So, we don't have a picture yet.

And last tour! We go to Beratan, Bedugul lake. Me, Icak, Mahda, Dhila, and Adit ride a speedboat again. We take some picture in there. We take around the lake.

Finally, after from the lake, we go home. And next day we arrived in Jogja.

This long story right? I'll never forget this story in my life. Oke then. Byee! See you again in the next stories! xoxo

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