Sabtu, 05 November 2011

A Lot Of Frog

FROG! frog! and Frog! Ajis Purwantoro, are Kermit frog fans. He's my father high school friend. He is a lecturer in the Faculty of Agriculture UGM (Fakultas Pertanian UGM)

Mr. Ajis collect A LOT of Kermit frog stuff. I can't expect how many stuff he have. He already go to Japan, Australia, Singapore, and etc for collect the Kermit frog stuff. If he meet some stuff he haven't yet, he will buy it. Sometimes, he also gets from his students.

..On the fridge :)..

..Well, thats all I can share to you. That's all stuff not include collection doll and other stuff in him office. Thanks for Mr. Ajis to allowed me share your collection stuff! :)

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