Minggu, 06 November 2011

Octubre y Noviembre.

Just found amazing Evita Nuh photo. She's being indiana little girl! LOVE IT! :)

I don't have any idea, I just into there. :) @SimpleLikeQuote

Get this from DeviantArt watcher message. Good job Klaudia! I like your pict! :)

Sooooo pretty damn Zooey Deschanel! Really love her eyes! :)


..Sorry for leaving this blog for a long time. I'm very busy with my school activity. I need work hard for National Exam (Ujian Nasional). So, I hope I can success on National Exam.

But, I still will write a post and share to you all. Keep open your eyes and read! :)

Btw, I'll give you a little secret. I think I'll continue my painting in canvas!..

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