Sabtu, 30 Juni 2012


Hei guys! Today is a last day in June. How your June? :)

My June really oradinary as usual. And still getting my two months of holiday. Then, I always get bored. Allday. Except yesterday, Me and Dhila, Salma, Selma go to Amplaz, and we celebrate Dhila birthday in 26 June. :D And Salma birthday in 21 June. :)

Well Selma and Dhila told me if they want come to my house. It'll be great. :)

Oh oh I remember yesterday was a #LittleBlackStar birthday. My big family birthday. :D And we make it trending in Italy with keywords #HappyBirthdayBlackStar!

Then, I make a Tumblr. Ye, I have two blog now. But, I like Blogger than Tumblr. Really. :) And I still adore Blogger. Check out my Tumblr:

So, It's my June. I hope next month can be more better than this month. :)

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