Senin, 27 Agustus 2012


Hi everyone! :D

I'm back after loong day without post, now I'm here! So many news I don't know. It's about Avril and anything. Haha. O ya, and..

Happy Independence Day Indonesia! 


Happy Ied Mubarak Everyone! I'm sorry from inside and outside ya. :)) *it's like last year*

So sorry for the 'late'. I get holiday for two weeks and today the last day! How horrible is it. Very horrible. My holiday was great. Most of my auntie and uncle come to Yogyakarta. I was so happy. Play all day with my cousin and nephew. Yes! I'am an auntie! :D My nephew is very cute, but sometimes they're very naughty.

I'll post about my holiday and my next post. So, wait the post ya! :)


Oh and I really miss about Avril news! About Abbey Dawn 2013 and her engaged, and her fiancĂ© is Chad Kroeger. So shocked! She is never tell anyone about him and suddenly she engaged. Surprise surprise. Most of people don't like Avril and Chad (Chavril) engagement. I not really focused about her romance story, I too much focused about her music and line clothing. But I happy for Chavril. Wish the best for them. :)

I'll post about Abbey Dawn 2013 collection in next post. (Yeah I hope I can)

OOHH, and I remember something important! I already collet about #AvrilFact! Really I got a LOT of it. I will post it, I promise. I'll collect more.


I miss about my grade 7 things! Idk how it can just come into my mind!

I miss about me and Salma's cool list, Miley Cyrus, Hannah Montana, Josh Hutcherson *I always thinking about him everytime*, Anne Hathaway, Princess Diaries, read a novel 'till bored, download so much song and MV, watch some anime, play all the time *this is important*, vampire, Josh is a vampire *great*, chatting with someone on Y!M 'till late nigth *I usally do this with Salma*, gossip with the best *with Ayu and Salma of course*, pinch Icak's cheeks, joke with friend and best 'till cry, turn up the music on class *when the teacher leave*, be an artist *the real artist, I'am painter when I was child*, and MANY MORE!

Hahahahahahahahahahahahaha. :D :D :D


Thanks for read this-long-no-picture-post. :) See ya next post! :)

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