Selasa, 14 Agustus 2012

Buber Pawitikra 2012

HAPPY DAY! I love these guys! Miss them, and we meet again. Thank for Bhismo and Inria who made this event. I can meet my lovely classmate again. Steron. I LOVE YOU! :)

The event start on 16:00 WIB. We talk about our new school, new experience, new friends, and new gossip. :)) Our menu is Sate Ayam and Soto Sapi, tea and kolak. So bad Putri can't come here, she got a retret. And so happy Rafif can came though! He's school is TN.

Then, I meet Romi and he's change! He's not a cute boy again! He's a handsome boy! He's look like Iqbaale Cowboy Junior without braces. LOL. :D Here is the pict:

Me and RomIqbaale. :D

Rafif after from TN. :D

Freakin face. :D :D

Selma so sexy. :))

RomIqbaale again. :))

Yes. I just have some photos from my camera. But there's a lot more photos from Anita, Ayu, and Romi camera. 

This is my school story after a long time. I have a new story about my new senior high school. And the photos of course. But Idk they like or not if I share it on blog. I need some addaptation, and I like my new classmate in SHS. :)

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