Minggu, 12 Agustus 2012

New Abbey Dawn and Album.

Avril already tweeting again, and she share her new picture in Abbey Dawn. Check out the new! :)

And in twitter also:

@GABRIELPANDURO: A new look for the  @AbbeyDawn Spring 2013 Collection ... new hairdo hahah

@AvrilLavigneChillin on a couch on my lunch break at my @AbbeyDawn photo shoot right now. Shoes!

@AvrilLavigne: Hey @GABRIELPANDURO I'll be your sailor if you be my queen hehehe. Ok lunch break is over back to shoot @AbbeyDawn

Aaand about album. Yeah yeah yeah all #LittleBlackStar waiting for your album Avril! We wait! :) And see also the rumour on Rumour Of Avril Fifth Album. :)

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